Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm Thankful for.....

  With Thanksgiving two days away I thought what better to write about than what I'm thankful for.

   First and foremost I'm thankful for my Heavenly Father. Who i know i can count on every day. Who speaks to me through His Word, through music, through my kids, and many other ways. Who i know is always there and i am never alone and that he will help me get through every single day.
   I'm thankful for my children who are the light of my life. For their health, happiness, and their smiles. I'm thankful for my daughter who reminds me everyday that God is in control no matter how bad i want to be.
   I'm thankful for my parents who have been there for me and supported me in everything i did. For forgiving me for my bad choices and excepting me for who i am.
   I'm thankful for my sister-in-law who's the sister i never had. Who i know i can count on at anytime.
   I'm thankful for two women who chose life for their babies. Those babies are now enriching my life.
   I'm thankful for a special friend who started this foster/adopt journey at the same time i did and is still hanging in there. Who can constantly remind me what we learned in training that i have forgot, because things just stick with her so much better than with me. Her daily support and encouragement that means so much to me.
   I'm thankful for my adopted mom friends that have the same struggles i have day in and day out, but are in it for the long haul. Were gonna need each other.
   I'm thankful for my church where i can go and learn more about God every week I'm also thankful for my  church family that has always been so kind and understanding and has welcomed us with open arms.
   Lastly, I'm thankful for my husband who works hard to provide for his family, who wants me to be home with our kids everyday, who puts our needs first and is a wonderful father. Who shares my dreams and supports me, even when hes not sure he wants to. Who laughs with me when i laugh, and holds me when i cry. Who i know will always be there and is my very best friend.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

One Long Week

So i was trying to figure out how i was going to get everything done this week. We had a HS meeting on Monday a 190 mile round trip to therapy with a hour and half session Tuesday, foster mom playgroup Wednesday, and home school swim class on Thursday. That would take up everyday but Friday and i wanted to get 6 lessons done with Bunny this week instead of 5 so we could take off an extra day for Thanksgiving break. Well i thought i had it all figured out and then cold season hit us in FULL force.
By Monday afternoon Buc was sick on the recliner, Bunny on the couch, Bubbas sound asleep on the rocking chair and Buster fighting off a fever in bed. I was kinda taking advantage to the quietness while the baby napped to catch-up on some laundry when the school called saying "Taters running a fever, you need to come pick her up." I know sooner got 1/4 mile form the school and she started to throw up all over herself and car seat. So after i got her changed and on the couch i had more laundry and a car seat to scrub. Oh and not to forget Bubbas who had woke up running a fever right along with the other ones. So i called Shawn and said "bring home some more Advil its going to be a long night."

When Duckie called after school and found out what was going on the first thing he said was "Please take a pair of jeans and a tee shirt and hang them on the outside of the door i'll swing by after play practice and pick them up. I think i'll stay with grandma tonight." Well that was fine with me because he has the lead in the school play that opens friday night.
Tuesday went about the same only it didn't involve any puke just alot of rocking, sleeping and cartoon watching. Duckie called again after school only to say i'm on my way home i feel terrible and i need to sleep awhile before play practice.

 I barely made it through supper just feeling drained and a little smothered when i thought it couldn't get any worse. Oh but it did, the power went out! So Shawn rigged up a flashlight from the ceiling fan so Bunny, Buc and him could play cards. While i read books to the little ones, all while the baby cried for a warm bottle that i just couldn't produce. Well after everyone had taken a flashlights to bed, the baby had decided that a cold bottle was better than no bottle and finally crashed and i, well i went to bed crying, the power did come back on.
The next couple days have went better and everyone is slowly getting better. Buster did need a trip to the Dr. for antibiotics for a double ear infection and Duckie got a round of antibiotics because, well because the show can't go on without him (at least that's what he thinks.)

But the best thing about the week was when, through all the chaos, i heard my sweet little Sissy bouncing up and down in her jump-up saying "Ma-ma, Ma-ma." It was music to my ears. It took me 7 kids to hear ma-ma as a first word and I'm gonna hold on to that forever.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

For Me

   Well i'm finally doing it. I'm blogging. For a long time people have been telling me I should blog.  I had been telling myself  many reasons why I shouldn't, but then realized all the reasons I should. My reasons for not blogging had to do with so many different people and things, but my reasons to blog had to do with me. Why shouldn't I for the first time make something about me. So here it is a diary of my life. I hope you'll join me on my journey.