Sunday, January 29, 2012


I didn't take a picture today, so I decided to
us this one.

Cousins D and T with Duckie (8 years) and Buc (4 years).
Feb. 11, 2002


Check out my piggy tail.

Poor girl, with four older brothers she gets
 the hand me down jammies.



When we bought my husband's grandpas house his grandma
 gave me her set of dishes that were there.
So my mom and I spent the day taking them
out of the cupboards and packing them up.
That way when our contractor comes he
can tear the old cupboards out and the kitchen
guy can get started.

I can't wait!!!!


Of course Bubbas wanted to help.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

A free minute to blog

I'm finally getting a free minute to blog. Things have been crazy around here. Baby Coco is taking up almost every minute of my time. Or maybe I'm letting her, I just can't seem to put her down. I finally bought a m*by and I am loving it. My arms are finally free. I wish I would have had one 7 kids ago.

We are having some formula problems. We switched her to soy when she seemed to not be tolerating the regular formula (we had to do this with Sissy and should of with Buster) but since then she hasn't been able to tolerate anything else. Right now we're doing a mixture. We have an appointment with the Dr. next week. I'm starting to wonder if there isn't something else going on.

The holidays were rough around here. Thanksgiving is the worst holiday for Tator. I'm not sure why, but it went down hill from there. Her birthday, holidays, new sibling, and unexpected snow days all are throwing her for a loop. Her rage isn't so bad, just a lot of defiance. A lot of pushing everyone away. And it's sad to say but it's working, none of her siblings want to be around her.

Duckie is continuing to go to school full time, but his work has slowed down. Him and Buc have started a band with 2 other guys and spend most of Saturday jamming in our rec room. Talk about loud! I think its time they find a new place to practice. It's loud enough around here.

Buc had another appointment this week with his neurologist. We have decided to change his migraine medicine. For those of you who are not regular followers he suffers from confusional migraines. You can read about it here. He has not had a confusional one in a long time but is still having more headaches then he should on this medicine. The other has some side effects that worry me so I'm praying this is the right choice.

We have started to teach Sissy to sign. I don't know if I've ever mentioned it before but developmentally she did everything slow. From rolling over to walking everything seemed to be about 6 months behind. She is still not saying any words except mom and dad so we decided to start to teach her to sign. She's doing very well with it. So of us are consistent with it, others of us just think that because she points to something and screams until we give it to her she's just spoiled. They may be right but teaching her to sign isn't going to hurt anything.

I am dreaming of Orlando. I almost chickened out, the thought of leaving the baby and flying for the first time both were enough to make me want to stay here in my own little world. But I can't. I HAVE TO GO! I NEED TO GO!  I need to meet up with ladies that have been there. So I bought my ticket and there is no going back now. I'm even going a day early.

I hope to be back blogging regularly very soon. Right now I'm just trying to keep my head above water, everyone bathed regularly, homeschool caught up, clean clothes on everyone and food on the table. Actually I'd just like to get the food made. At this point I don't care where they eat it.

Oh yea, I almost forgot. We have a contractor lined up to finish our house. Hopefully we'll be able to move in by this summer. Yay!!!!!


Buc: Hey mom I found my phone and look what I did to the couch. I made it balance.
Me: Oh Buc, I'm so proud of you!


Baby Coco's first blanket and stuffed animal.


Tator age 3.
Notice the sparkle in her eyes.

I can't seem to get a decent picture of her right now
and I was looking at some old photo's and found this
one. I decided to use it.


Bunny in her new shirt and feathers she bought from J*stice.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


This year we decided to do something different for the kids birthdays.
We decided to have cake and ice cream at home on their actual birthday, then go out somewhere fun as a special treat. Instead of having a party.

I bet you can't tell where we went for Buster's birthday?

When we go out to eat we usually all order water to help with the cost. Since it was Buster's birthday we let him get a special cup with pop.
He was so excited!

Until he saw the giant Ch*ckie Cheese walking around.
Who terrified him.

He decided he was going to cower in the corner and not even eat.

We finally talked him into going over and eating by daddy.

The giant mouse finally went over to some kid's birthday party so Buster decided it was safe to go and play games.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012


Today was our 2nd official snow day.
Yes, I even let my homeschools have snow days.
Bunny offered to shovel the sidewalk for us.
She got it done just in time for the second storm to hit.


Thursday, January 19, 2012


Remember how I said in this post that Buster is into everything.
He is not allowed out of my sight unless supervised by
one of the big kids. He is only allowed to play in
his room if he's playing with Bubbas. Well today they were up there
playing and Buster found a chair to climb up on and got into his top
dresser drawer where I had a light bulb for the fish tank. He ended
 up busting it up with his hands all over his bed.

I can't believe he only ended up with a very tiny cut.
I was not happy at all. Bubbas knew what he was
doing the whole time and never came and told me.
They will not be allowed up there again to play

This is what it looked like out my front door tonight
at 5:30 pm. You can't tell its also snowing like crazy.
I wonder if there will be school tomorrow??????


Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Four years ago today I met
 my fourth son for the first time.

I can't believe how our lives changed with
 just one phone call.

You filled a spot we
never knew was empty.

We love you, Buster!


It's potty time!
Sissy checking out her new potty,
which i'm proud to say she's used a couple times.


Happy Birthday Buster!
You are such a blessing.



We have had the flu running through our house.
 It's just mostly running a high fever.
This weekend it was Bubbas turn.
He also got hives every time his fever got high.

He was an itchy mess!

Monday, January 16, 2012



Tonight Duckie and Buc had their first concert.
 We enjoyed the concert then went to B*b Evans
 and had these delicious deserts.


Today we had a snow day.
 Snow days are hard on Tator.
 They interrupt her normal routine.
I'm proud to say she did very well with this one.


Buster just being cute!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


I had been wanting to get a picture of Tator to post but she's just not coroperating,
 so I decided to post one I took awhile ago.


Thursday, January 12, 2012


Bubbas is doing biddy wrestling this year.
He was posing for the camera before his first match.


We have a mouse that comes out from behind our oven and steals our dog food. The other day the kids had an idea to switch the food and water bowl around so when the mouse came out he would fall into the water.

This is what I found in the morning when I came out into the kitchen. This little guy treading water to save his life.

Monday, January 9, 2012



Buc and Bubbas spent the afternoon doing science
 experiments with the new kit Bubbas got for Christmas.

They made an underwater volcano.

I am really enjoying making this picture diary since i'm finding it very hard to find the time to actually blog right now. But i'm having alot of trouble getting my photos to upload. I'm not sure if its blogger or my internet. That's why I can't seem to get my pictures on the actual day I take them.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


This is what Buster was doing when he was supposed to be taking a nap.
He is constantly into everything. Most of the toys have been taken out of his bedroom because he would make such a mess and give me so many problems about cleaning them up. So we took them to the rec room.
So when I thought he was napping he was really taking all the clothes out of his dresser and all the fluff out of his Build-*-Bears.
As if I don't have enough to do!

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