Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Scariest Day Ever

   I can't remember if this truly was the scariest day of my life, but it was definitely one of the scariest I've had so far.
  When the school called to say Buc had a migraine this was nothing new to me it happens about once a month. We have always blamed it on loss of sleep and he did have some short nights over Thanksgiving break and some early mornings. So as he was climbing in the car at the school we both just kinda looked at each other and said "saw this one coming."
   We got home and took the regular medicine the Doctor gave us followed by him throwing up everything he had ate in the last week and he drifted off into his normal migraine induced sleep.
   Two hours later i hear what i think is him yelling for me so i go into the room and ask him if he needed me. He jumped up like i had scared him and started talking about something i couldn't even understand what it was. He was looking at me as if he didn't see me and i realized something was seriously wrong. His face looked funny and he was really slurring his words. The only thing i could think was that he was having a stroke. As i was grabbing the phone my thought was Dr or 911? Well i called the Drs office who advised me to go to the ER. So i quickly called a friend who came to stay with the kids and in the mean time he started to wander around and really not make any sense. I decided i didn't want to try to take him to the ER myself so i called the squad. In the mean time i did have him squeeze my hands, which he couldn't do. He could tell me the date but not the ABC's.
   When the squad arrived he was making some sense but was still was really off. So we loaded up and got in the ambulance. I think that was the longest ride of my life. No really, there were no lights and i watched the speedometer, i would have been going fifteen miles faster than them. I rode up front and i could hear them asking him some questions and most of the time he made sense but he was pretty agitated and he kept trying to get of the bed that he was strapped to. I did feel a little like i had maybe overreacted a little but when he would try to get up i thought what if he had tried to open the car door.
   He was very out of it when we got to the hospital he couldn't comprehend that they wanted him to lay on a different bad they finally just had to pick him up and put him there. He ripped his gown off and kept swinging it around and wouldn't leave the blood pressure band on. I held it together until they tried to take his blood. Now here's a thirteen year old boy that weights about as much as me trying to hold him down as they take vial after vial of blood form him all the while he's yelling things that don't make any sense and swinging his arms and gown around his head. I finally said "Are you about done because i can't hold him much longer and i'm really afraid he's gong to hit one of you?" Well at that point i just laid across him and cried. I couldn't do it anymore, I was so scared. I just kept praying that God would take the pain or whatever was causing him to act so agitated away. At that time a nurse came in with a really long needle and said "this will help." Ask and you shall receive, right?                                    
   Anyway, he  did calm down enough to finally get a EKG, CAT, and urine sample (which i wondered how many nurses figured it would come back that he had taken some illegal substance) but they didn't they all came back normal. He did sit up a couple hours later and look at us like "where are we?" I said " hey your girlfriend texted you do you want me to text her back?" He said he could handle it and he did. I know because i watched he even spelled everything right. He told us that he felt a little whacked out and only remembered a little bit of what had happened.
  The CT scan did show a real deep sinus infection which they are treating with antibiotics. But they don't think that had anything to do with what happened. No one is sure why he reacted like that this time. All i know is i was scared and as i type i'm still crying. If it wasn't for his history with migraines i would have been on the phone with all his friend trying to find out if he had taken something he shouldn't have. It did feel good though to look over the seat in the car and see him texting his friends as he drifted in and out of sleep. When we got home he woke up long enough for us to tease him about getting the same shot in the butt that the drunks do who come into the ER causing a scene and he reassured Duckie that he could still whip his butt in Call Of Duty. So i think he'll be back to normal as soon as he sleeps off whatever was in that shot they gave him.
   As for me, i know this isn't my last scare with the kids, but this one was big enough to last me for awhile. Oh and yes i'm defiantly calling a neurologist in the morning.

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  1. I'm just reading through some of your blog and this post reminds me of my now 13 year old daughter. 4 years ago, the day before my oldest graduated from homeschooling, my younger daughter ended up in the ER with symptoms very much like yours, except not seeming as a stroke. After all the same tests that came back normal she was discharged. We got home and the crazy behavior started again and we ended up at our therapist's house, where she stayed the night and missed her sister's graduation. After many months and another episode (after a church sleepover) we realized it was a panic attack. All the huge events of graduation and her fear that her sister was leaving her forever, etc. and she was a mess. Her panic attacks are usually from lack of sleep from an overnighter or worrying so much she can't sleep. Hope you found some answers with your son. I also have migraines so I know that whole struggle.