About Us

   I wanted to tell everyone a little bit about us. We are a family of nine. We have four boys and three girls. Some through birth, some through adoption. Some I homeschool and some are in public school.
   We love camping, swimming and hunting. We enjoy movie nights, playing board games and Wii games, and having family get togethers.

The gang.....
Duckie--- Leader, outgoing, plays drums, enjoys playing in the band and performing in musicals.
Buc---Very laid back, loves to hunt with a bow or gun, plays guitar.
Bunny---Plays softball, loves Taylor Swift, a mini me.
Tater---Full of energy, a chatterbox, smart, very artistic.
Bubbas---Typical little boy, rough, always going, doesn't like to do school work.
Buster---Happy, full of smiles, always into something, going trough the terrible two's.
Sissy---The baby, always smiling, down right spoiled.