Thursday, December 16, 2010

Making Applesauce

Sticky counter tops, messy floors, complaining, and sometimes arguing. That's what happens when we make applesauce. The whole time wondering "Why do I enjoy this?"  "Why?"
 Then I realized I do it for the conversations we have when the little ones go off to play because they've had enough "helping." I do it for the joking, the laughing and the wise cracks that one of them makes about the other one. I do it for the togetherness. This year I told each one of my olders that they could help in shifts, that way they didn't seem like they had to help the whole time. Well they still ended up in the kitchen at the same time all helping and I loved it. So for those few hours there was no video games, no one sitting in front of the TV. Just me and my olders cutting, cooking, and smashing. So as long as were eating homemade applesauce we'll be doing it together. Even if Duckie has to come home from college to help.

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