Wednesday, December 29, 2010

   Well i did it. I made it through another Christmas. For those of you who were wondering we did get a Christmas tree. I usually put it off but this year was my record at four days before Christmas. But its still up and four days after Christmas that's also a record.
   The kids all got what they wanted, well except Bubba got a truck he let us know he had no use for. "What a truck, i don't even like these." What was Santa thinking? What 5 year old boy doesn't like a truck? I guess Santa didn't remember that if its not a Wii game or it doesn't shoot something out of it he has no use for it. Good thing the elves only spent 6 dollars on it.
    Bunny did get her ipod. Thanks goodness if i had to hear her say the words ipod touch one more time i along with everyone else in the house was going to lose it.
   Shawn got a nice cold for Christmas. I guess i'll forgive him for leaving me with a out of control two year old, and a very disregulated daughter, and a baby that's just to young to help with anything, since this is the first time in 15 years of marriage that he's been to sick to go with me to a family gathering. But he's getting better and to quote a phrase i have to say alot around here (but not to him) "Good, because you have a lot of making up to do."
    I did really enjoy my day Christmas despite the exhaustion. I expecally enjoyed listening to my grandpa talk about my grandma who has been gone for almost 8 years now. I never tire of hearing him talk about her. And I never go to a family get together and not think of how much I still miss her.
    I do have to admit i'm glad its over. Christmas is alot of work and we seem to forget that Jesus is the reason for the Season. So hopefully in a couple days the tree will be down, the toys will be put away, Tater will be a little more regulated, and things can get back to normal. But then again, really what is normal for us and i think its probably going to be another seven or eight years before all the toys are put away. As for the tree, it would probably be easier to leave it up year round so the kids won't be so worried next year when its the last minute and we still don't have it up.

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