Thursday, January 6, 2011

2010 in Review

    We started out the year adding to our family. Shawn finally agreed to let us get our first house dog. So we added a 3 year old miniature schnauzer to our family. She's a very good dog and fits right in with the rest of the chaos of the house. Little did we know two weeks later that we'd be getting another addition to our family. Our sweet little Sissy joined us the beginning of February. Everyone fell deeply in love with her and she has been a blessing ever sense.

Baby Sissy
   Spring was busy with baseball, softball, and the musical. This was Bunny's first year to play kid pitch softball. She really enjoyed it, but it was a lot different than coach pitch. She still wasn't much into the game, never really cared who won or lost, its more of a social thing for her. Buc played baseball and really improved this year. Duckie was the Jester in the musical, Once Upon A Mattress, at school. He really enjoys acting and puts his all into it.
   Summer flew by like it usually does. We stared out the summer working on 4H projects. Bunny sewed and Buc built bottle rockets. We spent most of the summer at our camper. It wasn't as relaxing as i thought it was going to be with some of the kids being so young. I think
we will take a few years off until the kids get a little bigger.

Bunny with Group 1 Crew
  We also enjoyed the Alive music festival. Where Bunny got to meet her favorite christian rap group.
We finished up the summer by finalizing our adoption of Sissy that was wonderful we've never been able to finalize that fast.

   Fall came and everyone got back into the swing of school. Buc started junior high this year and wanted to go back to school. After two years of homeschooling I hated to see him go, but he loves it so I'm happy for him. I also had a hard time seeing Duckie start his senior year. I know we only have a little time left before he goes off to college. Tater was more than happy to be headed back to school. Any place other than here is her favorite place to be. So that left me at home with Bunny, Bubbas, Buster, and Sissy. Bunny and I quickly jumped into school. Bubbas on the hand didn't start so willingly. He had some adjusting to do starting into the kindergarten routine but that's a whole different blog.
  Duckie and Bunny both ran cross country this year. This was Duckie's first year. I remember at the banquet hearing him tell his coach that his biggest regret was that he never ran on the team before. He truly loved it. He loved the coach and the way the team was like a big family. He made some really cool friends because of cross country. Both Duckie and Bunny had a really good season and improved their times though out the season by about two minutes.
  Tater started attachment therapy this fall. We had eight straight days of intense therapy. Now we go up every two weeks for follow-up therapy. She was doing real well then the holidays hit and that threw her in a loop, but she's starting to come out of it.
   Winter started with everyone getting the flu and then Buc and getting his migraines. Then then it was time for the holidays and the business of all that.
   The year 2010 was a busy year for us and I'm sure 2011 will be even busier. But that's ok, I'm ready for it.
Wishing all of you A Happy New Year.

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