Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Homeschooling Bubbas

   I started homeschooling because I love to be with my kids. I hated dropping them off at school everyday. It seemed like the school got them all day and I only got to spend 4 hours a night with them. Half of that time was in the car as I ran them from practices or some kind of lessons whatever events they were in at that time. Then trying to squeeze in homework; the whole time trying to understand why they even had it when they had just been at school for 7 hours. So when Bunny started with her school anxieties and she asked to come home I jumped all over that. Of course since she was coming home Buc wanted to come home too.
   So about two and a half years ago we started homeschooling. The first year was horrible. I spent a lot of time crying, but we made it through. Everyone said " the first year is the worst" and they were right. We did make it through and the next year went much better. This year Buc went back to junior high so that lightened the load a little.

   Bubbas started kindergarten this year and that has been a challenge. I had done Kindergarten with Tator the year she turned 5 and she picked it up right away, but Bubbas was a whole different story. I was used to teaching the girls who would sit and listen. This boy thing is a whole new experience. He hates it and I have to admit I wasn't really enjoying it either. I debated just waiting another year. Trying when he was a year older, but I pushed on. In the beginning he hated phonics. He wanted to call every letter K, because as he would say "its just easier to call them all that."

   Now I'm happy to say he's getting it. He has even started adding, which in the beginning I never would have thought we'd get to that this year. I use Christian Liberty Press for math and as soon as he has mastered all his phonics were starting the Sing, Spell, Read, and Write program. I am so excited. I hope to have him reading by this summer.


  1. are you doing the k12 school or are you using something entirely different? are you aware of the kindergarten k12 phonics books? they are really detailed and have great ways to teach the kids. i enjoy the program but lukes just not catching on to the phonics..right now he should be able to read small sentences but he cant..we are still finishing up learning lowercase letters..our next step is to learn the sounds that each one makes..then after that they do this neat little sound out words thing..you hold your hand up in a fist and if the word is MAP you say map and then use your index finger and go mmmm then your middle fingher and go aaaa then your ring finger and go pppp then you pull your hand in making a fist and say map and that is supposed to help them..your more then welcome to look through the books if you want if your not aware of it..or i have a scanner and i can scan them and email them to you..up to you

  2. Kay, I am not doing K2 with him. I come up with my own cirriculum. I got your email on FB. I'll email you tomorrow. I'm not on there much.