Sunday, January 30, 2011

Baby Girl

Little Sissy you are such a blessing to us. Hard to believe you will turn one in a couple days.

The morning I took this picture I had gotten up extra early to get things done before the kids got up. I hadn't been up that long before I heard her hollering in her room. I went in with hopes to give her her Binky and she'd go back to sleep. When I got in there I was so surprised to see her sitting up in her crib. Even though she came to us straight from the hospital when she was two days old she hadn't had any prenatal care so she is a couple months delayed with her motor skills. She has been able to sit upright for a long time, but she had never pulled herself into an upright sitting position until this morning. I was so excited I had to wake up Bunny who was sound asleep beside her.

We love you Baby Girl!    You rock our world!


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