Thursday, January 27, 2011

I won a battle, but not the war!!!!

   So last week I posted about my frustration with Tator and her lack of improvement. Well the weekend didn't go much better, but so far this week hasn't been to bad. No major meltdowns yet. Keeping my fingers crossed that we make it at least until friday.

   Well I want to share a little battle that I just might have won. (for now anyway)

   A few weeks ago a light bulb went on in my head and I became aware of some situations where I was totally being manipulated. Tators showers being one of them.
   Showers have to be supervised with Tator and those of you who have kids with RAD know why, shampoo bottles get emptied, water flung all over the bathroom, etc. Anyway its the same thing every time, she shampoos, soaps up, then rinses. Rinsing is where we have a problem.
   She doesn't rinse. She just stands there, letting the water hit her somewhere on her back, like she has forgot what she's doing. So there I am repeatedly saying "get under the water, rinse your hair," you get the picture. It was so routine I didn't even realize what was going on so a few weeks back I thought i'd try something different. I never said a word when it was time to rinse I just removed the shower head and I rinsed her myself, never saying a word.

    So last night as I was supervising her I was also cleaning up the bathroom so I didn't realize it was "time to rinse". I walked over to check on her and there she was standing completely under the water, running her hands through her hair and rinsing. Totally rinsing. All the soap completely off her. This may seem so little to you, or even so dumb. But to me this is everything. I won. I won. The best part is she didn't even realize it.



  1. Any accomplishment is a victory in the radish patch! Woo hoo!

  2. What great news! I know how much those small victories mean. I hope she sticks with it!