Friday, January 14, 2011

OH MY GOSH, Look what we did!

Yep it was us.
Shawn and I.
We gave Buster this horrible haircut.

   We thought we'd save money, buy clippers and do it ourselves. When we take him to get a haircut I have to sit with him on my lap and hold his head. He is terribly sensitive around his ears and hates to get it cut. It is a battle, one I don't like to be involved in. Then when its all done and over with I pay for a cut that looks just about as bad as this one. So this time we decided we would save the money and fight the battle ourselves. Well we did and he didn't do any better for us than he does for a hairdresser.

   I do hope he gets better about it. Then maybe if he does, we'll get better at cutting it.

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