Wednesday, December 8, 2010


   I wanted to give everyone an update on Buc. Our appointment with the neurologist on Monday went well. She said he fit the criteria for having a confessional migraine. She ordered him to drink 60oz. a day of water, and start exercising (he was not happy about that) also to get on a regular sleep pattern. Shawn and I have often thought that when he stays up late at night that triggers his headaches. We have seen a pattern. We do go back next week for another MRI and a MRA to get a better look inside his head, blood vessels, etc. to make sure nothing else is going on and then for a follow-up right after that. I really liked her and think she seems very thorough. Please continue to pray that everything comes back ok and that this doesn't happen again.
   I also know some of you have been praying for Tater as well. I want to thank you. She did ok at therapy yesterday, but is really struggling with the holidays. Please continue to pray for her, the holidays are hard on her. They remind her of loss instead of happy times. Pray that we will continue to see progress with her healing through this difficult time.  Thanks again for all your prayers. We have defiantly felt them.

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