Monday, April 2, 2012

house updates

A lot is going on at the house. Most of what happened last week
you can't really tell. They put in all the duct work for the heat and they ran a lot of new pipes
for the water. These pics are not really that good because I didn't have a lot of room to
take them. But I know I have a lot of family who have been in the house before that look at this
so you can probably visualize it.

Where Tator is standing we are putting a closet.

To the right of this picture will be my kitchen. Behind my mom is
 the hallway. The opening beside where she is standing is going to be the doorway.
We didn't move it. Where mom is standing there will be a cabinet with pull outs
and we took the wall out and are going to put doors on the back so I can open it and stock
it from the back.
This will be our downstairs bathroom. It goes from Tator to Buster.
Bunny is standing in the door way.

I am most excited about this room. My pantry.
Tator is standing at one end and Bunny is at the other.
Bubbas is in the doorway. It's going to be so big. I'm so excited
My current pantry is my laundry room/closet/pantry all in one.
It is a very small room.

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