Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Prom weekend and other stuff

Well my hopes to get back on my blogging schedule last week didn't
turn out like I wanted them to. Between sick kids, prom preparations,
shopping for graduation party decorations, planning a graduation party,
oh and don't forget the evening we actually had at home, the power
was out, and lastly, the fact that my internet did not work for about 3
days made it very hard to do anything blogging wise.

Prom was last weekend and it went very well. Duckie's girlfriend
looked beautiful (we'll call her Belle.) And he looked very handsome himself.
Check out his shoes, he thought those were the best. He
has grown up so fast its hard to believe he graduates in less than
a month.

I also finished reading The Limits of Hope by Ann           
Kimble Loux. It was a good book about a family
that adopted 2 little girls and the challenges they faced with
them. I could really relate with Ann, her not knowing how to parent them.
Not understanding why they chose the behaviors they chose.
Although now there is so much more information out there then I thought
there was years ago. It still makes it hard to parent kids from
 hard places. It's just such a hard thing to understand.  

Tator is doing ok right now. I think getting her meds figured
out has really helped. She does pretty good through
the week, but the weekends are hard on her. Without her
school structure and I also think being a "family girl" is truly really
hard on her. She's just so afraid to trust any of us.
Mother's Day is coming up so i'm sure she'll have
a hard time with that. Last year instead of flowers or a card
from her, I got a puddle of pee, so we'll see what's in store for
me this year. I do see little glimpses here and there, signs she wants to
love and be loved. I guess I shouldn't be discouraged i'm
not seeing it as fast as I'd like to. God is in control, my mother
likes to remind me of that all the time and I do believe all things are
possible with him. I just need to continue to trust him.

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