Friday, May 6, 2011

Yesterday I was the mom who.........

  • fed her kids cereal for supper after they had eaten McDonald's for lunch.Yuck!
  • got her daughter to softball practice 20 minutes late.
  • arrived to her sons baseball game after he had caught a fly ball and made a double play, but now he was sitting the bench because he's one of the younger ones and it was someone elses turn to play.
  • made her other daughter go to the baseball game in her socks with no shoes, because she decided to get in the van and kick everything she possibly could.
  • came in the house after taking shoes from daughter and, because no one was looking, threw the shoes across the wreck room, hitting a bowl of peanuts, which flew all over the room that she did not have time to clean up before she left.
  • cleaned up peanuts off the floor as soon as she got home from game. Which were now covered in ants!

    I was also the mom who..........

    • got up 15 minutes early to take a shower so she could cook eggs and muffins for her kids for breakfast.
    • Sat at the Dr.'s office for an hour and a half with four kids because her 3 year old woke up saying his ear hurt. (who turned out to have an infection in each ear)
    • went to her church to make a "I'm proud of you" video for her graduating son to be played during the church service to honor him.
    • who unloaded 4 kids and ran walked very fast into Walmart, twice, to use the one hour photo to get prints developed so she could work on senior posters for her son today.
    • sat for 45 minutes fighting with 2 toddlers while her homeschoolers went to their swim class, then did it all over again while they were at their gym class.
    • sat patiently with her daughter as she (daughter) tried to argue with her about how she was supposed to hold her book while she did homework.
    • never lost her cool as she sat at her sons ballgame with her totally disregulated daughter, who had just had a total melt down at home and in the car. As her daughter kicked the bleachers she repeatedly told mom about the wonderful Mothers Day gift she was making for her at school. (Stupid Mother's Day. I can guarantee that was the reason for the totally disregulated night.)
    • did get to see her son be put back in the game for the last inning and catch a fly ball causing an out.
    • did it all alone because Thursday nights her husband works late.

    So why, when the positives outweighed the negatives, did I still feel so bad when I went to bed last night?

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