Thursday, September 22, 2011

One Unhappy Camper

Buster had his tonsils and adenoids out and tubes put in his ears on Monday.
It has been a long week. None of the kids have ever had surgery before, so I am new to this.
He had tubes put in his ears a couple years ago, but that is the extent of surgery we have ever been through.
He's coming around. Tuesday was rocky, her wouldn't drink or take any of his medicine so I was very worried he was going to get dehydrated. Wednesday went better he's drinking and eating a little bit. He even played cars with Bubbas for awhile.

They gave him some medicine to make him relax before they took him back. He started to act very goofy. He kept trying to eat the bar on the side of the bed.


When he woke up after surgery he was very upset so they gave him more medicine to put him back to sleep. Then expected us to wake him up and make him drink. We were not real happy.

I'm sure under any other circumstances he would have loved a ride in a wheelchair.

When we got home he attempted to eat a popsicle. But he was just too tired.

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  1. Btdt ... and the T and A is harder on kids than I realized until we went through it. (It's murder on the moms too!)

    Feeling for you and praying this week is easier and he heals quickly! <3