Tuesday, August 23, 2011

One Muddy Mess

Things are moving right along at the house. Last weekend we found this big bee hive in a bush in the front yard.
I started washing down the walls in this room. We had already painted the ceiling and revarnished two out of the three windows in it. The other window had broken glass in it. So it is being repaired. We are also going to do something different with the lights. It's a really big room that we're making into the kids hang out room, so we're thinking about putting in a couple ceiling fans with a disco ball between them.  I'm hoping to finish the walls next weekend so we can move some things into it for the kids to play with while we're working on the other rooms.
I repainted around the mural in the library again. I had to get rid of the smurf blue. This looks much better.
My husband tore out the wall to the greenhouse and dug this huge hole, so we could repair a water leak.
Ok, not really, a local basement company brought in a big machine thing (I have no idea what it's called) and dug out the whole backside of the house to reseal the back wall where water was leaking in. The downstairs, which is the main living area, is built in the side of a bank so the water was coming in and causing problems in the whole downstairs.
 I'd say they left us with one huge mess, but that's nothing compared to the mess the water was making in the house.

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