Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tearing down walls

We made some progress on the house this weekend. Shawn tore down a closet and ripped down some walls. There is a bathroom back here that we plan to move and remodel.

This is now one big room. Where we plan to rebuild the bathroom, closet and a big pantry. We just didn't tear the bathroom apart yet because it's the only one that works.

I also repainted around this mural in the library and totally hate the color. So I will be repainting it. It looks like someone smashed a bunch of Smurfs on the wall.

My cousin came out and helped us with some of the drywall, so we should be able to paint the closets by the weekend.
We also have someone remodeling one of the upstairs bathrooms.
We're not moving as fast as I'd like, but we are making progress.

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