Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

I really wish I could post the picture of all the kids in front of the tree but since I can't post pictures of our newest addition and it never occurred to me to take one without her, you'll have to wait to see that one. So for now here's a few of our Christmas pics.

Isn't she cute!
Still my baby, just not the youngest anymore.

Buster was the funnest this Christmas. So full of wonder.

Sissy got a doll that plays the itsy bitsy spider when you push down on her stomach. She kept pushing it over and over laughing and bouncing up and down the whole time.

Bunny got a new scarf with peace signs all over it.

Duckie got a shirt ordered from another country. Although it was ordered in plenty of time it didn't get here before Christmas. So he got a box with a picture of the shirt taped in it.

Tator loves doing hair so she got a styling head. I hope this is something that will keep her busy for hours.

Buc opening some hunting thing. I'm not even going to pretend I know what it is.

Both big boys wanted amps for Christmas. As if it wasn't loud enough around here.

Bubbas opening his bow he had been talking about for months.

He also got a bag full of bird decoys. Just what every 6 year old boy wants. I thought this would be the best gift. He is always printing out or making targets to shot his bb gun at. I guess I was right, because we were still opening presents when he already had them in the Christmas tree and was looking for his nerf gun.

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