Monday, May 14, 2012



Last week I made a very hard decision. A decision I had been thinking and struggling with for a couple weeks.

See Tator has a very hard time with school ending. The unknown is very scary to her. Knowing she will not be getting up every morning at the same time and getting on the school bus causes her a lot of anxiety. She likes things to happen at the same time and order every day.

When school work starts to wind down at school and the kids are having more free time than structure it also upsets her. She does very well in school academically, but socially she has a lot of problems. So when their not sitting at a desk working and are spending most of their time having free time this is hard for her.

Although Tators raging, temper, and attitude has been a lot better at home she has started some new behaviors. Some behaviors that are very normal for kids with RAD, but not ones we have dealt with before and I was very concerned with what was going on inside her.

Stealing had become a very big problem for her at school and she had lost the privilege of being able to go with them on a class field trip. Therefore she was going to have to stay home from school that day. I talked with her psychiatrist and he agreed that I should pull her out of school early to help minimize the stress. So last week the day she was not allowed to go on the trip I kept her home and she hasn't went back. I had talked to the principle and he understood and had been working with us on what is best for her.

I'm not sure if I made the right decision or not. She did very well last week, but we had a lot of homeschool activities planned so we were very active. I know that this week as i'm wrapping up school with Bunny and Bubbas I will just be starting doing homeschool things with her. That is what I will need to do with her to keep her sane for the summer. The last 2 summers she has been in daycare to help her summers stay very consistent, but this year daycare is not an option.

I pray I made the right decision and that this week goes well.

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