Wednesday, May 16, 2012

finally....a house update

Living room before paint.

After paint.

After the fireplace had been painted.


Lights and cupboards in.

This is one of my favorite things. We cut a hole in
the wall so we could stock my pantry/cupboard from the
back. These doors are in my hallway behind the kitchen.

Bunny looking through.

My upstairs hallway.
 I took this picture from in the end room, which will be a big rec room. The first doorway to the right is a library. Then going down that side of the hallway is the steps going downstairs, Sissy and Coco's room, our bathroom, our bedroom. At the end of the hall is the big boys room. Shawn and Bunny are standing in the doorway, but I don't think you can see them.

Then across from the library is Bunny's room, then little boys, then kids bathroom, then Tator's room, then laundry room.

It is starting to become a reality. We will be living there soon.


  1. Wow. Lots of work done. I know you are excited and anxious to move in. Can't wait to see the finished product. :) Love your kitchen!