Friday, June 8, 2012

How's things going?

Things have been pretty up and down around here. Tator is doing well with the homeschooling part. She joyfully gets up and works in her workbooks. I had bought her a book with learning drills in it and found an extra third grade spelling book. ( For some reason when Bunny was in 3rd grade they sent me an extra spelling book. I had forgotten about it and found it while moving boxes into the new house. Total God thing!) She also spends a lot of time reading and writing stories. This is working really well for her.

Since I have brought her home from school she has a calmness about her that has allowed her to relax in her bed everyday at quiet time. She usually falls asleep giving her the extra rest she needs since we are at ball games about every night.

The behaviors that I believed were due to her anxiety with school ending are all gone.

With all that being said it has not all been peaches and cream. Her dark side had erupted again. I talked about one incident here and there have been a couple other incidents that I just can't bring myself to blog about yet.

Tator has put herself in danger a couple times now. These times make me realize how very sick she is. She has a new therapist that I think is going to finally help me get her the help she really needs. We will be meeting with her therapist and the mental health board next week to see what we can do to get her the help she so desperately needs.

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