Thursday, July 19, 2012

work weekend

Last weekend we all worked very hard at the house
trying to get it ready so we can move in.
We are just about there. All that's left is things like
putting up fence around the pool, hooking up the dishwasher,
clothes washer, dryer, and putting up shelving in some of the closets.

When they moved they left us this sectional, so Bubbas was
hard at work cleaning it up.

Some of us just cried because we weren't allowed to
get into everything.

We had a lot of trouble getting the all paper off the
walls in the little boys bedroom. When we tried to get it
off the drywall was coming off with it. So Shawn tore
the drywall off and re drywalled. So mom was priming it
so we could paint it.

Buster just enjoyed digging a hole.

Buc thought he was telling Duckie what to do.

Shawn worked on making me a platform to put my washer
and dryer on.

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