Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

I haven't had a lot of time to work on my blog lately, well actually for
 a very long time, but I'm hoping to get better at it.
Here are some things we did over Labor Day weekend.

The boys did a lot of fishing in our pond.
Bubbas caught the biggest fish out of it so far.
17 inches

We went to a picnic and Buster caught his very first fish.
He had never caught one in our pond.
He was pretty happy.

I bought a new rug for our kitchen, so Duckie and Sissy thought
they should wrestle around on it.

Duckie turned 19.

Buc turned 15.
Six months and he can get his permit.

Took some pictures and goofed around.

Enjoyed spending time with grandparents.

Some of us did more goofing around than others.

On Sunday afternoon Buster was supposed to be taking a nap.
All of the sudden we heard him crying, when we went to his
room he said he had shoved a toothpick up his nose.
Once we got him calmed down he told us it was just
a little piece and we couldn't see it.
We pieced all these pieces together that we found in his bed.
No, we don't usually let him have toothpicks expecally
in his room. He had gotten them a church with a craft
they were making and had them in his pocket.
We now do a pocket check on him before naptime.
With Buster there is never a dull moment.

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