Thursday, October 27, 2011

Busy Lives & Making Progress

Buc needed to make an edible car for school. He remembered as he was going to bed and threw this together in about 5 minutes.

Sissy ran a fever today, but is showing no other signs of sickness, so I'm really hoping its just teeth and we're not starting something.

Duckie continues to work full time and go to school (college) full time. He has gotten a taste of the real world real quick.

Bunny left last Friday night to go on vacation with her grandparents and I am really starting to miss her. Can't wait to see her on Saturday.

Bubbas and I finished up talking about Europe this week and start on Asia next week. I looked ahead in his phonics book and according to it he should be reading small words by the end of the next week. So we'll see.

Buster is still Buster full of energy and always finding trouble. I love that guy.

My husband continues to be very stressed about the house. He has actually stepped back a little and is spending more time at home with us and less time at our other home. Not sure when we will ever be able to move in.

Tator, knock on wood, is doing great. I'm trying real hard not to get too excited , we've had these periods before. I don't want to think i'm only seeing these improvement because her birthday is coming up, but whatever it is i'm going to take it. I thought it was all going to end tonight at dinner. After plenty to eat, I told her she was done when she wanted more. I had made dessert and I wanted her to be able to eat it comfortably. She started to get very upset, very fast. Food is a big trigger for her. But one of the little boys, who knew we had dessert, asked when we were having dessert and she calmed down very fast. This is a big improvement. There have been other times when I stopped her from overeating because we were having dessert later and it still turned into a rage. So to me this is progress.

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