Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Baking and Art week 1

When we started schooling this year I had decided I wanted to 
make baking and art a priority.

Bunny told me from the start she didn't
want to bake. Although I love it,
she does not enjoy it at all.

Bubbas jumped in right away and told
me he wanted to bake. So we have been
trying to have a baking and art class about every
other week.

I am a couple weeks behind, but I am going to try
to post pics of the projects/recipes here
so I can look back and remember what we

The first recipe we tried was chocolate chip cookie dough fudge.
It was good, but I would recommend you not
use all the sugar it calls for. They were so
sweet they actually hurt our teeth.

You notice Bunny couldn't stay away.

He was supposed to wait until I took the picture
to shove it in his mouth.

For art we talked about primary colors.

I let them mix colors with icing and food coloring.

Then they experimented with paint. 
Mixing primary colors together to see
what other colors they could come up with.

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