Monday, October 15, 2012


This weekend we had our first party at our new house.
We had a surprise 25th wedding anniversary party for my Aunt and Uncle.
Their anniversary was actually in the spring, so my mom, other aunt and myself 
started talking about it then. But decided to wait to have the party
until we were moved into the new house.
My aunt and I have always been really close,
 so I was excited to make this our first official party.

The party went really well and they were really surprised.

The big kids hanging out in the living room.

I loved that everyone could hang out in the kitchen
and there was still plenty of room.

Love this picture of my cousin, yes I said my cousin, 
both him and his brother T are the same age as
my 2 oldest boys.
Bubbas and Buster always love talking to T.

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