Monday, February 14, 2011

Thank you Hallmark

   "Stupid woman, I'm so mad at you! I'm mad because you didn't take care of me, I'm mad because you left me in my bed and didn't feed me." "I'm mad because you didn't bring me candy and wish me Happy Valentines Day, and I'm mad because you don't love me."

   These are the words my daughter was able to get out during a full blown fit.

   To mom From Tator
   I'm sorry for being mean. Can you forgive me?  (picture of happy face) (picture of sad face) circle what you want me to feel. We will be happy.

   These are the words written at the top of the picture she made for me after her blow-up. At the bottom she had drawn a pretty picture of her and I. Happy, pretty and full of color. Standing beside us she had drawn a dull, ugly women who she had drawn a red circle around and a big red x over. With birthmoms name beside. Beside her she had also drawn a broken heart in a red circle with another big x over it. 

   Why can't we take away their pain?

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  1. I have been trying for over thirty years. I ask God all the time why He won't give us this power. He hasn't answered yet...