Thursday, November 3, 2011

Brownie sundaes and hatching triops

Sorry I haven't been back to fill you in on Tator's birthday evening. Tuesday night was rough. She came home in a mood and I knew it was going to be a hard evening. She got mad about little things here and there all evening. There was a lot of yelling, running through the house and slamming things. I tried to be patient and for the most part I was. But after her continually calling me a horrible mother and telling me how I have ruined her birthday and ruined her life I could only take so much. I very calmly told her she needed to go to bed. When she finished shoving her bed against the wall over and over, she did. She put her pajamas on and got into bed. I told her if she didn't stop yelling at me I was leaving her room before she was even in bed and I would see her in the morning. As she continued to yell I leaned over, kissed her head, told her I loved her, then left the room. I sat outside her door until she calmed down, then came down stairs and ate half the dessert I had made for her.

I had a hard time sleeping that night, wondering if I had handled things right. We got up the next morning and she was fine, she was back to the same mostly pleasant attitude she's been in the last 6 to 8 weeks.

Wednesday night we had AWANA so we weren't home to do anything. So today I made brownies, and although we had a rough evening, we made it. We had brownie sundaes to celebrate her 8th birthday.

I don't know how we'll handle her birthday party this weekend. Last year we had a surprise party at grandma's house. I know I won't be telling her about it before hand.

I have also decided that next year I'll be having a party for her at the beginning of October. She will never be expecting it then.


Update on the hatching triops. We went from having 3 babies swimming around in the bowl to 5 then down to 1. I don't think we're doing something right.

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