Friday, November 18, 2011

Stopping therapy

Things are going well here. Very well. So well I'm actually afraid to blog about it. I'm trying to figure out if Tator is making progress and starting to heal or if this is just another phase.

We have stopped going to therapy. Tator's therapist and I had a disagreement where I felt I had been, basically stabbed in the back and it caused me to lose all trust in a woman that I had trusted so much for the past year.

There were also things that went on in therapy that I did not agree with. The therapist was mean to Tator, but I never said anything about it because she was the professional and I thought she knows what she's doing. There were things the therapist said about her birth mom that I didn't agree with. I don't think it mattered how bad of a parent she was the therapist did not have the right to say those things about her over and over again.

A child wants to believe their birth mom loved them no matter how bad they treated them and Tator was constantly being told that bm did not love her. I let this go on for a year.

After the therapist and I had our disagreement, which caused me to lose trust in her, I wondered how I would ever go back to her. (Our disagreement did not have anything to do with what she was telling Tator) I went to our psych doctor and asked him what I should do and he recommended we quit seeing her.

Tator had not done anything but get worse for the entire year we were seeing her. She raged all the time. We were living a nightmare. She was mad about everything. It effected everyone in this house and I didn't know how we were going to get through it.

So we quit going to therapy and things are getting so much better. I can't help but wonder if the therapist wasn't feeding into her anger.

Tator's asking me to hold her again and she's talking a lot about things at school that are bothering her. Last night she let me blow dry her hair and she even asked me if I could brush it in the morning and put a hair beret in it. Her hair has been off limits to me for a very long time.

Last night I went to bed feeling very good about the decision we made to stop therapy.


  1. Glad you stopped and that it had such good results :)

  2. You absolutely made the right decision. So glad things are still going well. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  3. That's such a hard one but YOU alone have to decide the therapist that is the best fit for your family. I am so grateful for the one we have and have used for the last seven years, but I know so many people aren't that lucky.

  4. I am so glad things are going better and I hope they continue. You know what is best for your family.