Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Story by Tator

The other night while I was making supper Tator asked me if I wanted her to write me a story. This is what she wrote.
Once a pon a time thir was a turkey. It was Thanksgiving night. It does not whant to git eated. So, do you know what it will do? It has a fraind that is a indian. Now do you know what the turkey will do? You will laugh when you know it. So, it ran away. It ran so far it bummpt into a parade. It had pilgrims, familys, and indians. It was so interesting it ran into the parade. One of the indians had a gun and it was loaded. It saw the turkey. It shot the turkey. Then when the indian came home it ate the trukey for Thanksgiving. It had corn, pie, dressing, and a pumpkin pie. It had a big feast. The turkey did not like that. It invited the pilgrims, indians, and their family.
Then end.

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