Saturday, April 23, 2011

Busy and Drained

Oh my gosh what a week.

Monday we started by hitting school full force. I had a lot I wanted to accomplish at home this week. Plus many appointments on top of baseball games and softball practices.

Bunny is working on a report on Italy right now. This is her first report so it requires a lot of help from me making it hard for me to get house hold things done.  Buster has also had a cold so he has been up at night, making him very grouchy during the day. Not to mention me being more tired than usual.

Tuesday Buc came home with a migraine again. It was worse than usual. He started talking funny and the side of his mouth went numb again. I was really scared. He threw up right away and then his mouth went back to normal. He was in alot of pain all day. I ended up sitting by him watching him, making sure he never got confused or his mouth went numb again. That didn't happen, but his headache never let up until evening. 

Wednesday we spent all day at his neurologist. We actually had a follow-up appointment scheduled with her anyway so that worked out well. She's decided to increase the dose of his preventative medicine since it's not preventing his migraines. I hope this works because his headaches are getting really scary for me.

Thursday was filled with me running around trying to catch up on everything at home I didn't get done on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Friday I ran errands all day trying to get ready for Easter.

Because I was so busy and emotionally drained this week my blog was neglected. But I'm back and I've got alot of memories to record.

Have a great Easter everyone.

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