Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Morning Blues

   Here I sit on another Sunday morning feeling sorry for myself. Shawn has taken Buc hunting for youth turkey season and I'm stuck at home.

   Tator woke me up this morning by jumping on and off her bed. So I knew trying to take her to church just wouldn't work. There was no way she'd be regulated enough to sit through the service. Duckie took some of the kids, so its a little more quiet here than normal, but I'm sure it won't stay that way.

   This is usually how Sundays work for us. One of us goes and takes all the kids, one stays home with Tator. We've only been to church a couple times since Thanksgiving as a family. I wonder if this is how it will always be? I wonder if Tator hates church so much that she starts out our Sunday mornings in a mood, so we just don't even try? Does she know she's winning?

   When I talked to her therapist about it she said because she's developmentally two she just can't handle church. So one of us should just stay home with her. I don't know, I think she's playing us. She's so smart and has told me numerous times that she is God so she doesn't have to listen to anyone. I really think she doesn't want to go so she plays her games.

   I never tell her she's why were staying home. Today it was, dad and Buc are going hunting and I have to stay home to plan Duckies graduation party. But I'm sure she can figure it out. I would never underestimate her. She is after all, the only one of the kids that remembered it was Palm Sunday.


  1. That's tough. We've definitely missed a few Church services as well, sometimes just due to my own burnout. I am so thankful that the Lord understands and meets us where we are. Just be careful not to deprive yourself of fellowship. Or Tater for that matter. Does your church have a kids program at all? Or is it a more traditional service?



  2. I would disagree with the therapist, by you not taking her she is in control of the situation and she knows that one of you is having to miss out to stay with her. I would either get her a sitter on Sunday mornings or find a way to make it so that she can make it through church even if that means her sitting there with a an ipod or soemthing to keep her occupied. Good luck.

  3. We've had so many Sunday mornings like that. We recently found a new church that has a special needs ministry. They have a special needs classroom or they'll provide an aide for the child if they go to a regular classroom. So far so good, although there's still so much early morning drama that it's exhausting to even get them there!

  4. J. had some good advice. Hopefulyl you can all be there together this Easter! Blessings!