Monday, June 13, 2011

Last week and ORLANDO.

   Last week went pretty well for being the first week of summer vacation. We had a few appointments at the beginning of the week, but was still able to squeeze in some swimming time before Shawn and I had to spend three days in foster parent training.

   I've mentioned before that Tator has a hard time adjusting to change in routine, so we had really contemplated putting her in daycare a couple days a week while she's on summer vacation.  We decided to start out last week with 3 days a week and see how she adjusts. Then in July drop down to 2 days week. I've talked with all her therapists and even her psychiatrist and they think its ok even though we are working on her attachment to us. I can be a much better Mommy to her if I get respite from RAD (not her) a couple times a week.

  She did very well at daycare, but because she was so exhausted she ended up throwing a fit after supper and went to bed early both nights. Aside from the fits she has been more loving, hugging me more and being nicer to the other kids. She even asked me to lay with her for awhile when I put her to bed the other night.

   Thursday, Friday and Saturday Shawn and I took FP training classes all day. We came home having learned a lot of good information, but they were still very long days.

   Yesterday we surprised the kids by having a Family Fun Day and took them to the zoo. (pics coming soon) We didn't tell them until they got up and were eating breakfast. They had a blast. I'm sure they will all still be worn out today. They did alot of walking.

 Oh my gosh, I almost forgot to tell everyone. I'm going to Orlando! I can't wait! It's not until next spring so I'm sure you'll be hearing how excited I am for a long time. I'm already driving my kids nuts talking about it. They still don't believe I'm going. I have never flown before and said I never would. When I think about the flying part it terrifies me. But it will be so worth it. RAD makes you do crazy things and this will be my crazy thing. It's totally not like me to get in airplane and fly to another state to meet complete strangers. ALONE! But I've already meet most of the other "trauma mamas" on line that I'll be staying with and I look forward to meeting them in person when we get there.

   Well I've gotta go, I've got alot of house work to catch up on. Have a great week everyone!

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