Friday, June 24, 2011

My beef with the Nurse Practitioner

   The kids have been going to VBS all week, so they have been pretty exhausted by afternoon. Between Buc and Bunny we have had 5 baseball/softball games this week and the little ones have gotten to bed a lot latter than they are used to. So that has made for some long days.

   Tuesday night at Buc's baseball game Buster(3years) started crying and would not stop. Like over an hour of crying. I blamed it on not napping, but he kept holding his ear and saying it hurt. Then Sissy started crying and wouldn't stop. I also blamed it on being tired and after about an hour of her crying I was certainly not enjoying the game and I don't really think anyone else around us was either. So I took them and left.

   The past few mornings Sissy has woke up with her eyes matted shut, but it does not look like pink eye. I figured she had a cold in her eyes. So this morning I called the Dr. and we went for a visit. I asked if while they were seeing Sissy they could also look in Buster's ear just to make sure he didn't have an infection. He has a history of ear infections and had tubes that have came out. So I would not be surprised if he did have an infection.

   Our appointment was, of course, at nap time so I already had cranky kids. I had to take Bubbas(6years) with us and when he's overly tired and because of this crazy week he is, he likes to mimic Tators RAD behaviors. So he's sitting in the room with us growling, saying he hates us, making faces, etc. In comes a new nurse practitioner, not my regular Dr, that knows my children inside and out.

   The first thing she asks me is how many children do you have. When I say 7 she automatically says are some of them adopted?" So I already feel a little irated with this lady.

   Since Buster had a lot of ear infections his first year of life, he does not like his ears to be messed with. The Dr. and I usually have to hold him down and the Dr. looks. He's not mean he just does it, because he knows this is not something that Buster enjoys, but he is never going to cooperate.

   Well the nurse practitoner starts to look in his ears and he begins fighting, I'm trying to hold him down while she's trying to so gently look in his ears. Now this was very nice of her and she was being very good with him, but I knew she was just going to have to get in there and look, so to speak. The whole time I'm thinking "is the Dr. going to look also, because her trying to get practice with my kids is just not going to work."

   After she tells me how to hold him down so she can look in his ears(like I haven't been doing this for 3 years) and that he has so much wax build up and I need to get something to put in his ears to loosen that up. I'm starting to get VERY irritated. 

   Sissy is not as bad as him, but she did fight us and the nurse practitioner was determined to see in her mouth and Sissy was just not going to let her. She also had alot of wax build up which was really bothering the nurse practitioner. After telling me she wishes we could get them both down and rinse out their ears right here in the office. She gets out one of those big q-tip things they use as a swab and sticks it in Sissy's ear. Not the side with the cotton on it, the end side that looks like a little stick. I am beyond irritated now. Remember Sissy is fighting like crazy.

   Dr. finally comes in and the nurse practitioner starts to tell him everything she's seen with the kids. Of course Sissy is still fighting me and I'm trying to get her in the stroller and don't forget about the totally attached child sitting there mimicking RAD behaviors. The whole time I'm wanting to pull my hair out.

   Then I turn around to see Buster sitting on the chair as good as can be letting the Dr. look in his ears. While the nurse practitioner watches the whole time. Of course, I never thought to let him sit in the seat like a big boy. He was so proud of himself and I was so proud of him.

   So then we go through the whole thing again with Sissy. Only I left her in the stroller and Dr. looked her over. She had a cold in her eyes so we got her an antibiotic for that and Buster ended up having a pretty bad ear infection so its antibiotics for him also.

   Just when I thought we were wrapping it up and Dr. had given us the prescriptions, which Buster was very proud to carry, the nurse practitoiner says "I still think we need to look in Sissy's mouth to make sure we haven't missed anything." I'm thinking your kidding me. Are you serious? The fact that her eyes are red and there is goop coming out of them and her nose is running isn't enough.  Just let me out of here. So Dr. says well if you think we should. So they both get her down in the stroller and are trying to look in her mouth. She actually turns around and puts her face against the back of the stroller so they can't see in her mouth. Finally she is so upset that she starts crying, which was good because then she opened her mouth so they could see in it.

   I really didn't have anything personally against this lady it was just the situation. I do realize this is how they get practice to get their licenses, but I just did not like the way she was with my kids.

   This is the toad that Bubbas caught. That he brought in to show me as I typed this post. That jumped out of his hand and on to my keyboard and pooped.

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