Monday, March 14, 2011

A Good Weekend

   Our weekend went pretty well. Bunny had a slumber party on Friday night so we had three extra girls running around our house, which was fun, but loud. We enjoyed the sunshine and warmer weather on Saturday, but didn't enjoy the time change Saturday night.

   Tator had a good weekend. Much better than last. Her psychiatrist changed her meds again so that could have something to do with it. She's always good the first few days after she starts a new medicine. He's now treating her for PTSD instead of anxiety. The med. for anxiety didn't really help with her mood so he's trying something else. Honestly, I don't think anythings going to help. Its her and until she decides to start to like us and let us be her family nothings going to make our days go smoother.

   But I can't complain about this weekend she did real well. Bunny had volleyball yesterday so Duckie watched the rest of the kids for me. He took them outside and they rode bikes and played well. Then that evening Tator played real well with Bunny.

   Sunday we went to the mall for the Home and Garden Show. And everyone did real well there. After we went to the mall I rented Ramona and Beezus for the girls and I to watch. So that was pretty fun, and it was a cute movie. Tator even asked if she could snuggle up with me about half way through the movie which was a switch. I could feel the tension in her body as she sat with me. I could tell she was trying. That gave me hope. When bed time came she got very upset about little things and I told her I understood she had a good weekend and if she needed to throw a fit she could. She could even say the mean and nasty hurtful things to me that she said last weekend and that would be ok. I still loved her and I still had a good weekend with her. She cried for awhile, but she settled down quickly and went to sleep.

  This week will be busy for us as we will be celebrating Bubba's 6th birthday, and Buster's adoption day anniversary. I am hoping to reach my end of the week schooling goals since there is only two weeks until spring break, but life doesn't always go as I want it to.

  I'm happy to report that my once a month meal planing is going really well. It has been so nice not to have to think about whats for supper or what groceries I have to pick up this week. I just look at the calendar and it's right there. We have had to make some trips to the store for milk and bananas, but no big grocery trips so that has been very nice.

   Hope everyone has a great week.



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