Friday, March 4, 2011

In Like A Lion

   Tuesday, March 1st, was such a beautiful morning. It started out the same as always. I got the older boys up and out the door to school. Then the little ones started to wake and I was rushing around to get everyone dressed. We were going to make a quick run to one of the local grocery stores before we started school because the store was having some items on sale that I needed to complete my big once a month shopping trip. So once we got Tator on the bus, Bunny and I loaded up the three little ones and took off.

   We were about three miles from home when we came to a 90 degree turn. When I came up to it I realized it was a thick patch of ice that was followed by thin layer of black ice. The thing was, I didn't even realize there was black ice until it was all over. We started to fishtail all over the road. I realized at that moment how big and heavy my van truly was. I knew we were out of control and were not going to stop until something stopped us.

   To the right of us was a very steep bank that went down into a field. I knew that was where we were headed, and I remember having so many thoughts of, "how will this end up?", and about how much danger my precious babies were in.

   God had planted his guardian angels on each side of my van because we so gently went over the side of that very steep bank at such a steep angle that I don't know how we didn't roll over, we just slid down until the van was parallel with the bank and sled to a stop. The car still running, nothing broken, we never rolled, the air bag never deployed and most important of all I turned around to see all four of my babies safe. Looking at me with very big eyes, but safe.

  The rest of the day was very emotional for me. I spent it hugging the kids a lot and thanking God for being with us and keeping us safe. I couldn't help thinking of something Bunny had said to me as we were leaving that morning. She said "Awe mom, March came in like a lamb, that means its going to go out like a lion." All I could think about was that for me, March had come in like a lion and I can only pray that it will go out like a lamb.

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