Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Overcoming Fear

This is Bunny.
 One of my beautiful daughters.
 My first birth daughter, my mini me.
 My extra eyes, ears, hands and feet.
 Having her home everyday is such a blessing.

About two years ago she developed a huge fear of basically leaving my side. She stopped talking in front of crowds of people, going to friends houses, she even stopped spending the night at her grandmas. 

Little by little she has started to get better. She has started spending the night with grandma again and has even spent the night with some friends.

Yesterday was a sign to me that she's coming out of it. At our homeschool meeting she stood up in front of a group of kids and read a Tall Tale she had wrote.
I was so proud of her. She did it. I didn't even have to stand beside her.

Then last night she asked me to sign her up for church camp this summer where she will go for a week with three friends, two hours from home for a week. She went a couple years ago and I know she'll go and be fine.

I'm so proud of you Bunny!

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