Thursday, March 31, 2011

One Hail of a Storm

Last week we had a huge hail storm go through our area.
When it started to hail I thought, how neat I can show
 the kids what hail looks like. Expectally Bubbas who has no idea
 what hail even is.  So I quickly opened the door to show them the ground
 and the balls of hail. It started to get darker and darker and the hail got
 heavier and heavier. When it was over with this is what our yard looked like.
I have never seen anything like it before.
It was hailing so hard it created a stream down our sidewalk
and through the yard down to the road.
Notice the road, it looks like it had just snowed.
When it was all over with Bunny, Tator and Bubbas
thought they'd go out and try to shovel it around.

It was just starting to get dark as the school bus came to drop Tator off.
We were waiting at the door for her so she wouldn't take her time getting into
the house. When she jumped off the bus she started running as fast as
she could to the door. When she got inside she ran up to me and threw her
 arms around my waist and held on real tight. When I touched the top of her head
she was shaking so bad I couldn't believe it. I have only seen her scared one time
in the entire five and a half years she's been here. I pushed her head back to see
 her face, she was crying and was as white as a ghost. I couldn't believe it.
She was scared.
 Really, truly, scared!
 She said she started to get scared on the bus and was really scared about
having to walk up the drive. I held her tight for awhile and then she calmed
 down. Once she saw everything was ok she went to the door and watched
 it hail with the other kids.

I felt so bad for her, but also excited because she had actually felt fear.


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