Monday, July 4, 2011

Are we there yet?

"Are we there yet daddy?" Was what we heard most of the trip.

We ended up leaving for Myrtle Beach at 11pm and didn't arrive until about 2pm the next day.
The kids did very well on the way there. We stopped at about 1:30am so Shawn could sleep for awhile. He slept for 2 hours and then we were off again.

I had intended to sleep along with everyone else when we pulled over but Tator had never went back to sleep since we put her in the car at 11pm. So there was no sleeping for me. She made it know to me (because I was the one sitting beside her) that she didn't think we should be stopped and it was ridiculous that daddy should have to take a break. I was pretty upset because  I would have driven for awhile if I would have know I was going to be up the whole time. So I sat there for two hours thinking I could be driving but didn't want to wake Shawn up.

Sissy was really excited to get a french toast stick to eat in the car for breakfast. Pretty happy for a kid that never got out of her car seat until we got to our vacation house.

We were coming into Myrtle at the busiest check in time and were stuck in traffic when Bubbas decided he had to pee. This happened with one of my older boys when they were the same age at about the same spot.
Knowing that he would not make it to the house we gave him the option to either pee in a pop bottle or in a diaper. He chose the diaper. What I didn't think about was the fact that 6 year old little boys pee a lot more than 17 month old little girls (who the diaper was made for).
We're not even to the beach yet and we're already making memories.

FINALLY we arrived.
 We took a few hours to unpack and check the place out. Oh and the one that choose to stay up the entire car ride took a nap.

That evening we headed straight to walmart (just where everyone wanted to go before swimming in the ocean) to get groceries. Then out for pizza.

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