Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 5- I need a vacation from vacation

   I decided to post this picture today, because I really need to laugh.

   Tator is really having a hard time here and it's wearing on us. I love our beach house, but it's far from the ocean and I'm afraid to go for a walk for fear I'll get lost. I woke up feeling I needed a break and I can't even escape.

   Shawn took Bunny, Belle and Bubbas to the beach when they got up to look for seashells. When they got back we all headed for the beach for a few hours. We had Tator sit close to us and play in the sand and that seemed to help her a little.

   I even went out in the ocean for awhile and floated around. About 5 minutes after I had gotten out of the water  the rest of the kids came yelling someone had seen a shark. We found out later it was only a dolphin. Thank goodness.

   That evening after the little ones were in bed we left Duckie in charge and Shawn and I went to Sonic and got a milk shake, then went for a walk on the beach. I was really nice to have some time alone.

   When we got back the older kids wanted me to take them to the pool for a late night swim so I did. It was a nice end to a very long day.

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