Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 3- A Day at the Beach

We spent the mid morning and early afternoon at the beach.
Sissy loved the water. She kept sticking her tongue out
and laughing every time a wave came.

Belle, Duckie's girlfriend, came down last night
to spend the rest of the week with us.
She had never been to the ocean before.

Buc and Bubbas trying to catch minnows.
Buc did catch a dead crab, but Buster actually caught
a live one. I didn't think to take a picture of
it. I wish I would have, he was pretty proud
of it.

Every time we would bring Sissy back up on the sand
she would turn around and crawl back to the water.

Tator did really good today at the beach, but at supper RAD showed its ugly face. It was really weird, because she refused to eat her dinner. We haven't seen this behavior in years. I think she was just
looking for a fight and she knew refusing to eat would get one.

I'm very ashamed to say we failed tonight and RAD won. What we should have done was said "ok, you can eat it later when your hungry or while the boys have their bedtime snack," but we didn't we said "if you can't eat supper go to bed."

Of course she refused and that brought on what I like to call the wango tango. After many laps around our house complex to get her regulated, she finally gave in and went to bed. So instead of walking on the beach with the rest of the family i'm here blogging while she sleeps. That's ok, we should have been quicker in our thinking.
Sometimes RAD still wins.



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