Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 1- WIPE OUT!

Today was our first day at the beach. I don't have any pictures because I forgot to put a card in my camera before we left the beach house.
But I had to take this one of Buc when we got back. He was riding his boogie board and a wave threw him off and he face planted on the bottom of the ocean. When he was walking up on shore to us he was covered in blood and was holding his face. We were sure he had broke his nose. Thankfully after we got him cleaned up and he sat out for awhile he felt much better and his nose was not broken.

Everyone had a great time. But RAD did have to come visit us after about an hour and a half. Tator did ok for awhile and then totally lost it. So we came home to eat lunch and take naps.

These are a group of turtles the kids like to feed outside our beach house. So they had lunch with us.

In the evening we went for a walk out on a pier.


Buster was introduced to the leash.

This was the shark that swam around under the pier eating the
baby sharks the fisherman would throw back in after
they had caught them.

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