Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 4- Garden City Pier

   RAD has taken over Tator today and she's finding it very hard to function. She got up this morning in the same mood as she was in last night when she went to bed. Shawn took her for a couple walks this morning, but we were not able to get her regulated. So she went to the beach today in her clothes and her and I sat beside each other at the back of the beach while everyone else swam and played.

   I talked with her, rubbed her back and told her how much I love her, but it wasn't enough. I think she is just having some pretty big feelings right now and will not let anyone help her. I can see signs she's trying, the way she will run up to me and hug me and then take off again into another room to hide from us. RAD is just getting the best of her. She's sleeping now so hopefully when she gets up things will be better.

   That evening we went for a walk on the Garden City Pier. RAD was still very present so Tator spent the evening walking close to Shawn holding on to the stroller.

Buster is upset because daddy said we couldn't go into Captain Dick's

   Yep Duckie got pooped on by a bird. We were all laughing while he was digging through the diaper bag looking for wipes when we realized we hadn't brought any.
A lady came over and gave him some napkins and told him when a bird poops on you its good-luck. He was not impressed! I can only imagine what this lady thought of us as we all stood around laughing at him. Well not him, just the situation.

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